Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How Blessed We Are

I've heard so many people say that this time of year, when it gets dark early - cold and dreary...is the worst time of the year! I beg to differ! I love this time of year when it's too dark outside to be anywhere but home with the people you love. We all get moving so fast, doing this and that, and putting so much emphasis on buying presents, finding the perfect party gown or suit to wear to the perfect party, closing the last deals of the year at work, and setting goals for 2009 that we don't often just sit and BE...sit and think...relax...and most importantly...put the focus BACK on what really counts right now...NOW. If you spend so much time planning tomorrow, you entirely miss today. If we do this all month long, we'll miss the REAL reason for the season...the biggest birthday in history! We all, hopefully, have roofs over our heads, food to eat, clothing to keep us warm and a support system of family and friends to count on...How blessed we are. We all have the ability to know Jesus Christ, to walk with him, to talk to him...to live by Him...How blessed we are. We all have the opportunity to share the good news and to brighten someone's life with that news...HOW BLESSED WE ARE!!! What will you do before the end of this year to make a change?


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